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Hey you, my name is Vanessa and I'm the owner and operator of Urban Sugaring. I'm a trained and certified Esthetician since 2009 & I am located in Tacoma, WA.  Before we start this journey, you must know know a few things about me before entering my establishment.

  • I work alone, so this is a one women show.

  • I cannot answer the phone during business hours & I do not book via text or email. All booking and rebooking, is done online.

  • To enter building, a code will be sent to you via email after appointment is booked.

  • Also, and this can be a doozy for some... but I'm a momma of two and they do come to work with me. With that being said, if you are unwell or just getting over a cold/flu, you will need to rebook for a later date. 

Future dates that I will be closed on are:

October 29th, 2023 to November 4th, 2023.

First and only Vacation in 2023, so please, do not text me.<3

What should I do BEFORE and AFTER my appointment for a better comfort?

   I'd recommend BEFORE appointment:

  • I need two or more weeks of growth. Rice grain length is preferred.

  • Exfoliate 24 hours before.

  • Don't trim to short.

  • Hydration does help. So drink your Water!

  • So you might be a little pink and tender for some time after. To help, I recommend, if able to take, Tylenol or Ibuprofen 30-60 minutes before.

  • Please no lotions on skin before appointment.

For the next 24 hours AFTER, no:

  • Swimming

  • Hot tubs, Saunas or Chlorine

  • Gym

  • Tanning/ Spray tanning

  • DO NOT OVER EXFOLIATE. Please wait 48 hours to exfoliate after sugaring. To much exfoliating can irritate the skin.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO  SUGAR SCRUBS, HEMP PRODUCTS, BATH AND BODY WORKS PRODUCTS. NOTHING WITH PERFUME. Too many chemicals that can irritate skin. Body Butter, Soap and Body Oils are sold in shop. Locally made by Skybox Skincare Bar.

  • Sugaring is done every 4-6 weeks!

During peak lunch and dinner hours, I recommend arriving earlier to find parking. Please arrive at least five minutes before your appointment start time. I only have a 5 minute grace period for 15-30 minutes services, and 10 minute grace period for 30+ minute services. 

Yes you can be sugared while on Period.

Yes you can get sugared while Pregnant.

I'm sorry but no I don't sugar BRO-ZILIANS. But I can sugar everything else.


If you have any questions, please email me.

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