Here are the New Guidelines and Care:


If you have purchased a Package with no 24 hour notice for cancelling, you will lose 1 of your deals. If you are a Groupon, remember ONE GROUPON PER CUSTOMER, WONT REDEEM ANOTHER ONE DOESN'T MATTER IF ITS A DIFFERENT DEAL FROM ME. 

 Showing up over the late after grace period will cost you your deposit and slot. A 5 minute grace period for Brazilians and anything under 30 minutes . 15 minutes for 1hour services. Im fast but not wonder women of Sugaring if you're late. Everyones pain level is different. Please be courteous of others time.



So I would love to start with I’m over the moon grateful everyone is excited to come back and get back on schedule. But before we can fully do this, we have new rules we ALL have to respectfully follow. I do not know when PHASE 2 starts but please be prepared.




1.Self screen for signs of Covid. If Temp is 100.4 or higher, you will be turned away. 


2.Guest should come alone. I understand it’s a comforting feeling having your girls with you, but we can’t do this anymore until further notice. I’m sorry.


3.Wait to enter until notified by myself, Vanessa. Just text me you’re here and I’ll respond when I’m coming down the stairs.  While waiting, you can visit some amazing shops like Ruston Mercantile, Cat cafe and House of Records!! 


4.GUEST MUST WEAR A MASK BEFORE ENTERING URBAN SUGARING AND POLISHED! It’s not a joke, you will be turned away if refusal. We do have masks for Purchase by Polished. 711 does sell face masks for $3.99. All Black goes with every outfit! 


5.Let us get the DOOR! I will be opening and closing the door for you guys before and after service. Us beauticians will do everything in our power to keep you safe as well as us and our families. 


6.Please Wash your Hands before service. 


7.APPOINTMENT ONLY! I do not take walk-ins. One day I will. It’s a dream of mine to have an employee working beside me so we can get more of you gems in. But as of right now, no walk-ins ONLY APPOINTMENTS. Super easy to book online at 


8.Payments can be done online or in person. I do take all forms of payments. If you just want to get in and out, online is an option as well as Venmo. 


These are very simple. I understand some refuse to wear a mask but I also have to keep my family and business safe. Please just wear it for the duration you see me and take it off once you step outside if you decide. I adore all of you and hope all is ready for the reopening of all businesses. Thank you again for supporting my small business, URBAN SUGARING! I’m so excited to be back.




Here is the Care information prior to appointment:



    There are a lot of different ways to get rid of body hair. Here’s why I choose to do sugaring at my shop:


   Waxing brings the heat…sometimes too much. It can already hurt to get hair removed without the added “ouch!” of hot wax on your skin. Plus, wax adheres to live skin cells, so when it’s pulled off, it can take a few extra “passengers” with it. No wonder your skin can get so red and irritated!

   Sugaring uses a gently warmed paste made of sugar, lemon, and water. That’s it. We use a fresh single portion of paste just for you and then throw it away when we’re done. No double dipping into the same pot of hot wax, client after client. (Because, eew.)

Sugaring keeps you smooth and hair free much longer than shaving, too, and without the coarse ingrowns and razor burn.

Since it’s done in the same direction as your hair growth, over time you’ll find that the hair grows back thinner and finer, with fewer bumps and ingrown hairs.

   So here's a couple frequently asked questions:


What should I do before and after my appointment for a better comfort?

   I'd recommend NO caffeine before appointment. 

During peak lunch and dinner hours, we recommend arriving earlier to find parking. Please arrive at least five minutes before your appointment start time. Brazilian length should be 1/4 inch or about 2+ weeks of hair growth to be required for sugaring.

As soon as were done, for the next 24 hours please take it easy. No swimming, hot tubs, saunas or gyms. Also no tanning. you want your pores to close. DO NOT OVER EXFOLIATE AFTERWARDS! To much can irritate the skin. No scrubs unless home made. Keep lotions and oils all natural.I personally love olive oil. A small amount goes a long way.

Does it hurt?

   Well, we’re pulling your hairs out, so yes. But it only hurts for that split second while it’s happening. Most people say it hurts less than waxing. That said, you might be a little pink and tender for a few hours afterwards. Ibuprofen or Tylenol helps, so please take 30-60 minutes before


I have my period. Can I still get a brazilian? 

   Absolutely. Just wear a tampon and be aware that you might be a little more pain-sensitive than usual.

Im Pregnant, can I get Sugared?

   Mama, YESSSSSS! Girl its all NATURAL/VEGAN. Pain might be more intense but you're strong, you got this!

I have coarse hair. Is sugaring for me? 

   Sugaring is perfect for coarse hair! We can extract all the hair without missing the little ones at different stages in their growth cycles. In fact, over time your hair will thin out.

I’m a dude. Can I get sugared? 

   Yes! We like smooth men. However… Bro-zilians are not on my list. 

How should I prep for my Lash Lift?

   Please come with NO mascara and clean washed face for the full effect! Last's for 6-8 weeks. Since the Tint is vegetable base product, it'll only last 2-4 weeks. The Brand I swear by is called SugarLash Pro. This is a Perm, so 24 hours after service, please no water on lashes.​


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